Saturday, October 6, 2007

Potential Assignment for 207 based on concepts from "Box Logic"

Note: I'm not sure whether this would be an introductory or a final project...I'm leaning towards final, I think. Before this assignment sheet would be given out, students would have to read "Box Logic," or at least some excerpts from the piece.

Assignment 5
The Writing Box

As you've learned, both from Sirc's "Box Logic" and the rest of your explorations this semester, writing can be approached in many ways. It is frequently a mix of internal resources, outside research, chance conversations, random explorations, and that indefiniable element, "creativity." One particular act of writing can take place within one medium, or through a combination of several media. Writing can be approached by a group, or singly. In short, it's extremely difficult to define.

However, since I have faith in your abilities, I'm sure that you can handle some difficulty. So, here's your question: what is writing?

How you answer this question is up to you. However, I have a few expectations:

1. If you want to work in groups of two, that's fine. If you want to work alone in order to hone your individual vision, that's fine too. For purposes of this assignment, however, no more than two people from this class may work together. You may call on others, such as consultants from Student Tech, for assistance, but I am expecting the final work to be your creative output.

2. You must use at least two different forms of technology as defined by this list: written text, visual art, music, video, web animation, webpage design.

3. No more than 50% of your source text (i.e. whatever material you use to create this work) can be your original creation. You must find other works to include.

4. Whatever uses of other work you do MUST be within copyright guidelines, whether that be fair use, a Creative Commons license, or direct permission from the copyright holder. Also, all works included must be cited in some manner.

Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers to the question you're answering; each person's take on this will undoubtedly be different. I look forward to seeing your work!

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Britt said...

This sounds interesting! I wonder if you've seen "The Machine is Us/ing Us"

which may be an interesting addition to a discussion on "What is writing?" I'll be excited to see if you use this in the spring and to find out how it works out.